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Bagel With Cream Cheese


Customize this classic Bagel-n-Cream Cheese to your taste by indulging in many choices from our kitchen. 

(Select 1) Bagels #1/1 or #1/6 or #1/13:Plain Asiago Blueberry Cinnamon Cinnamon Raisin Everything Honey Wheat Onion Poppy Pumpernickel Sesame Sundried Tomato Ultimate Grain Special Bagels Each Month
Vegetables:Onion +$0.50Cucumber +$0.50Lettuce +$0.50Tomato +$0.50
Extra Cheese:American Cheese +$0.69Provolone Cheese +$0.69Swiss Cheese +$0.69Muenster Cheese +$1.99
Spread:Butter +$0.59Grape Jelly +$0.59Strawberry Jelly +$0.59