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Bagels - Bagels

Bagel with Cream Cheese


Baked fresh several times a day with a real New York Style Bagel recipe. No preservatives, no artificial ingredients and no processed foods. It is all made here, on the premises; pure satisfaction served for you.

Bagel Choice:Plain Everything Asiago Blueberry Cinnamon Raisin Onion Honey Wheat Poppy Sundried Tomato Pumpernickle Sesame Ultimate Grain Glutten Free Plain Bagel +$2.49Garlic(in limited quantity every day) Salt(in limited quantity every day)
(select 1) Cream Cheese:Plain Strawberry +$0.50Honey Walnut +$0.50Jalapeño +$0.50Lite Sundried Tomato +$0.50Garden Vegetable +$0.50Onion & Chive +$0.50Spinach & Artichoke +$0.50
Extra Cream Cheese:Garden Vegetable Cream Cheese +$1.25Our Signature Jalapeno Cream Cheese +$1.25Sundried Tomato Cream Cheese +$1.25Onion and Chives Cream Cheese +$1.25Honey Walnut Cream Cheese +$1.25Spinach and Artichoke Cream Cheese +$1.25Strawberry Cream Cheese +$1.25Hummus +$1.25
Extra Cheese:Swiss Cheese +$0.69Provolone Cheese +$0.69American Cheese +$0.69Cheddar Cheese +$0.69Muenster Cheese +$0.99Shredded Cheese Blend +$0.69
Spreads:Grape Jelly +$0.69Strawberry Jelly +$0.69Peanut Butter +$0.69Hummus +$0.99Honey +$0.69
Extra Vegetables:Lettuce +$0.49Tomato +$0.49Red Onions +$0.49Sprouts +$0.49cucumbers +$0.49Green Peppers +$0.49Red&Yellow Peppers +$0.49Jalapenos +$0.49Dried Green Chives +$0.49Capers +$0.69
Extra Condiments:Mayonnaise +$0.49Mustard Sauce +$0.49Ketchup +$0.49Salt +$0.10Pepper +$0.10Old Bay Seasoning +$0.39Oregano +$-0.61Sour Cream +$0.49

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